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Why People Expect You to Under-Deliver

The world is awash with bland content. The lines are jammed with mediocre this and so-so that. The air-waves are jammed with over-hyped, under-cooked brands promising the world for $9.95 a month. You know the score – if you want to stand out you have to be the ‘purple cow’ in the field – you have to differentiate yourself from the mess of homogenized same-old filling up the aisles.

The thing is – with this constant stream of explosive viral campaigns and social media guerrilla marketing, in the majority of cases we’re still getting products and services of mid-quality sameness and less-than-stellar effort. People are actually becoming used to being oversold on a banquet and then being fed with medium mcvalue meal services and products. It’s evolution at work- we are adapting to the status quo, for better or for worse, and as a result people actually expect you to under-deliver. Of course you won’t stand out, but all the same you’re not gonna piss anyone off too much, are you?The sad thing is that you’ll just be another mild, easily forgotten disappointment in a long line of new brands that promised customers the world and ended up dumping a rock on their front porch.
Under promise and over-deliver.
You might get the sales call even if you’re not wearing a polka-dot suit. Your customers have been knocked over the head so many times with grey-goop content that they’re no longer pissed off, they’re just blasé. By all means, stand out if you can, just don’t spend all of your time on the sizzle and not enough on the steak. When everyone in sales and marketing reads Godin and starts trying to be the funny coloured milk machine, pretty soon we’re gonna end up back in grey-goopsville.

Under promise and over-deliver.

Of course I’m not talking about doing a bad job of selling yourself. But when each new marketing campaign and promotional vehicle and salesperson is engaged in an arms-race of over-sell people are only going to be surprised if what they get is more than they expected.

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