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Great Piece of Advice from Michael Fitzpatrick

“I think I was always intimidated by the idea that there were probably thousands of other people thinking about the concepts that I was mulling over in those business models. What I’ve realized in the last couple of years is that there are, actually, thousands of other people thinking about your business. The only difference, and it’s a huge difference, is that in an entrepreneur’s case, they actually decided to go and try to make it happen. Taking action, particularly when you’re in that warm, cozy blanket of a bigger company, which was my scenario, it’s really hard to do. But if you are doing it for the right reasons, the best thing you can do is actually make the jump. That was, I think, and continues to be one of the things that, in my process of over a year of mulling about, has been a lesson learned.

Another huge important part of a startup and being an entrepreneur is the iterative process. Whatever your original business model is, it’s going to change. Whatever product you think is the future, might not be the future. Having an open culture where people can tell you, “This is wrong. This isn’t working.” In particular, having a culture where customers tell you what isn’t working is extremely valuable. We’ve done a good job of leveraging customers to help fuel the future direction. As we talked about, we’ve also done a good job of telling them no when it was appropriate to stay focused”.

– Michael Fitzpatrick, CEO of ConnectSolutions.

Excerpt from an interview by Andrew Warner of

The full interview and transcript is here


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